Saturday, May 2, 2020

DIY Airport or Hotel Cocktails

Buy a bottle of gin (1 L) and champagne!

Dry Martini: 74 ml gin, 15 ml dry vermouth, 1 dash of orange bitters
Perfect Martini: 45 ml gin, 22.5 ml dry vermouth, 22.5 ml sweet vermouth
Espresso Martini: 30 ml vodka, 30 ml Kahlua, 30 ml espresso
Negroni: 30 ml gin, 30 ml (Sweet) Vermouth, 30 ml Campari, orange twist or a slice
Extra Dry Negroni: 30 ml gin, 30 ml Campari
Gin Tonic: 60 ml gin, 60 ml tonic
Gin n Tea: 60 ml gin, 90 ml cold Earl Grey Tea (= just a tea bag and 1.5x cold water)
Greyhound: 60 ml gin or vodka, 150 ml grapefruit juice. Served with ice.
Aperol Spritz: 90 ml Prosecco, 60 ml Aperol, 30 ml soda water
Brown Derby: 60 ml Bourbon whiskey, 30 ml grapefruit juice, 15 ml honey syrup (1:1)
Bees Knees: 60 ml gin, 15 ml lemon juice, 15 ml honey syrup (1:1)
Margarita: 45 ml Tequila, 15 ml Triple Sec (e.g. Cointreau), 30 ml lime juice
Daiquiri: 60 ml white rum, 30 ml lime juice, 22.5 ml simple syrup
Cuba Libre: 30 ml rum, 90 ml Coca-Cola. Serve in highball glass filled with ice.
Godfather: 30 ml (Scotch) whisky, 30 ml Amaretto
Manhattan: 60 ml (Rye) whisky, 20 ml (Sweet) Vermouth, 1-2 dashes of bitters
Mimosa: 60 ml orange juice. Fill the rest of the flute with sparkling.
Cape Codder: 45 ml vodka. Fill up with ice and cranberry juice