Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Home Suite Home: Hotel Room Hacks

  • Avoid overpriced mini bar charges by restocking it yourself with the same liquor from a drug store nearby or duty-free.
  • Sugar sachet can be used as facial exfoliator.
  • Keep your dirty clothes by placing them in the shower cap or hotel's laundry bag.
  • Drop your iPhone into an empty glass to discover the power of acoustics.
  • Get the wrinkles out by hanging your clothes in the bathroom to let the shower steam remove the wrinkles.
  • Conditioner can be used as shaving foam or shoe polisher.
  • Always ask for two key cards.
  • Put away all the brochures, leaflets, and stand-up cards.
  • Bring a detergent (or use shampoo). You can use the sink or bathtub to wash your clothes. Soak them at least for 10 minutes before you begin to scrub. Do the soaking while taking shower. Rinse in shower. Roll wet clothes in a towel to dry. 
    • Timing: Do this trick in the afternoon, right after room cleaning.
    • Trick: Do in smaller batches, i.e. everyday. That way it's much easier to handle.
    • This is very fast. Compared to all the following: counting all your laundry, filling up the form, handing them to the reception, worrying about whether they managed/not, picking up after a long working day, taking the cleaned laundry out of the plastic bag etc...